More And More People Are Taking A Week-Long Social Media Break

When thoughts of a break from your social media accounts start swirling around your brain, it’s easy to think you need to commit to the shift for at least a month, if not longer. But even just a brief break can be just the reset you need to get your stress under control. You don’t need to shut down for 30+ days for a social break to be valuable

The biggest tip from week-long break stans is to start your break on a Friday. It’ll keep you off of Instagram for the weekend so you can focus on doing other things that don’t involve comparing your plans to other people’s and using your valuable happy hour time to scroll your feed.

Even just seven days Twitter-free can instill a less aggressive feed-checking habit. And if it doesn’t? Who cares!! It’s about making room for other things in your life for a short period of time – not changing your life entirely. There are no rules to being on or off social media. You should feel comfortable logging in and out whenever you feel like it.

The biggest takeaway from a social media break? You do not need to announce your break to the world. Shut it off, and don’t look back. The last thing you need before your break is a slew of comments and DMs asking why you’re taking a step back. Just do it!!

Also this video below convinced me even more I need a break haha

Brady At Night

Brady At Night

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