Shake Shack Has New Game Of Thrones Menu Items

Fans of “Game of Thrones” who are in New York can swing by the Shake Shack at Madison Square Park for a “secret” menu based on the beloved series. With the final season premiere just days away, the chain’s Innovation Kitchen has created a limited-edition burger and milkshake, inspired by the show’s juxtaposition of fire and ice, but there’s a catch.

To get your hands on this food, you’ll have to order everything in Valyrian, a fictional language from the series. Luckily, Shake Shack created a guide to make it easier. The “Game of Thrones” menu includes a Dracarys Burger (“Drakaro Parkliapos”), a double decker with a fiery sauce, and since it’s supposed to be “the mother of burgers,” it’s only fitting it’s large.

But it’s also heavy on the kick, so they’re not kidding about that fire. When you’re ready to cool down, try the Dragonglass Shake (“Zirtom Perzomy Rholitsos”), which is a white chocolate mint milkshake, inspired by White Walkers. These items won’t be around long, the burger is available through April 21st and the shake sticks around until May 19th, “while supplies last,” so get ‘em while you can, fans

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