New Taylor Swift Music Coming April 26th???

It looks like Taylor Swift fans finally have something to look forward to. At midnight Saturday (April 13th) the singer posted a countdown clock on her website, counting down 13 days, which many suspect means she’ll be releasing some sort of music, whether a single or an album, on April 26th. 

And apparently that countdown clock appeared on more than just her website, since fans in both Tokyo, Melbourne and London saw huge billboards featuring the clock as well.

But that's not all. She also tweeted a few cryptic pictures including a diamond-encrusted heart, and two manicured hands adorned with rings across a soft yellow blazer, with the caption 4.26.

Fans should he surprised that Taylor started her countdown to 13, since it’s her favorite number. As for how fans reacted, well, as you can imagine they are super excited.

Brady At Night

Brady At Night

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