Restaurant Claims Their "Prego Pizza" Sends Pregnant Women Into Labor

A restaurant chain on the West Coast claims to have a pizza with the power to make expectant moms go into labor. Skipolini’s has six California locations and one in Nevada, all of which sell the perfectly named Prego Pizza, which they say helps women go into labor.

It all started back in 1981, when an uncomfortably pregnant woman came in asking for a pie that would make her overdue baby get moving. So they made a pizza with pretty much every topping they had, including salami, pepperoni, sausage, ham, ground beef, mushrooms, black olives, bell peppers, onions and garlic on a thick crust. That thing weighed over four-pounds!

As the story goes, that first woman’s water broke as soon as she got home from eating the meal…and an urban legend was born. Now Skipolini’s boasts close to 150 “success stories” and general manager Victor Perez says up to 10 moms-to-be come into each location every night to see if the Prego Pizza works for them. Some don’t even make it out of the restaurant before their water breaks. Perez jokes, “I tell everybody anytime they’re eating a Prego Pizza, ‘you gotta let us know as soon as you start feeling something because we’re not certified to deliver babies.’”Maybe they should be!

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