WATCH: Someone Threw A Lemon At Ariana Grande At Coachella

Ariana Grande had another great headlining set at Coachella this weekend, but it was almost ruined by a thoughtless member of the audience.

The singer was in the middle of a song when someone threw a lemon at her, which caused Ari to immediately stop dancing, explaining, “That’s ’cause one of y’all threw a lemon at me. S–t.”

While Ari quickly got over it and came back out to perform “NASA,” her fans seem to be still holding a grudge, with some suggesting the lemon was a shout out to former Coachella headliner Beyoncé, who released the album “Lemonade.”

“Did beyoncé throw that lemon at ariana ?? lmao beychella impact is real #arichella,” one person noted, while another added, “WHICH BEYONCE FAN THREW A LEMON AT ARIANA??

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