Taylor Swift To Open The BBMAs

Taylor Swift dropped her new song “ME!,” featuring Panic! at The Disco’s Brendon Urie, along with a pastel-hued video on Friday, and now fans are going to get to see them perform the track.

The Billboard Music Awards announced that Taylor and Brandon will open Wednesday’s show, their first live performance of the song.

In other Taylor news…

  • As you can imagine, fans were eager to watch the “ME!” video over and over again, which helped Taylor set a couple of YouTube records. The video was watched 63.3-million times in its first 24 hours of release, giving her the record for the most YouTube views in a 24-hour period for both a solo artist and a female artist.
  • The video also set a new Vevo record, with more than 65-million views in the first 24 hours, the highest number of views for any video.
  • In the clip, Taylor is gifted a new cat, which lead many fans to speculate that she actually added a new cat to the family, something she confirmed over the weekend. She shared pictures and video of her new blue-eyed feline, who she has named Benjamin Button.(check it out below and to the right)
  • In a YouTube chat before the release of the video, Taylor confirmed the clip contains a lot of Easter eggs, including a really huge one. "So... the new album title is actually revealed somewhere in the video,” she shares. “AND so is the title of the second single, but I haven’t seen people finding them yet." Some think the song or album will be called “Lover” since there’s a neon sign that reads “Lover” in the video. Others think it may have something to do with hearts, since there are a lot of hearts in the video.

As for the other Easter Eggs in the video:

  • When she sings about a “lot of cool chicks,” the video features a wall of pictures of chicks in sunglasses, as well as one very visible picture of the Dixie Chicks,which many believe is a hint that she has recorded a collaboration with them.
  • In one image she is wearing cowboy boots, which some think means there will be some country-inspired songs on he album.
  • The snake exploding into butterflies in the opening scene is a message about being transformed since her last album, which was filled with butterfly themes.
  • The Christmas tree in the video is likely a callback to the Christmas tree farm she grew up on. 
  • At one point Urie pops the question with a ring, leading some to think it’s a hint that Taylor and boyfriend Joe Alwyn are engaged.
  • Some think the album is coming on July 13th because in the scene where the girls dancing there are seven briefcases, and 13 clouds (i.e. 7/13)
  • There is also a scene of a clock that stops at 8:30, which some fans think means the album will drop on August 30th(which is a Friday).

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