Internet Freaks Over McDonald's Customer Who "Peels" McNuggets

Sometimes people have a unique way of eating things and right now social media is flipping out over an order of nude nuggets. Facebook user Sameer Jafri posted a photo of what looked like McDonald’s McNuggets, but ones that had been removed from their outer shell.

He asked his followers if they like to “peel” their McNuggets as well and people had lots of feelings about it. His post has been shared 19-thousand times and got more than 25-hundred likes, but there was a lot of backlash as well and let’s just say some of the 9-thousand comments were critical of his method.

“This makes me feel ill! Who would do such a thing to their nuggets!” one user commented. “OMFG WHAT IS THIS,” another posted. Others called him a “sicko” and a “psychopath” and several Facebook users even threatened to call the cops over it. And at least one person was more concerned with his condiments, posting, “What I wanna know is how you got 4 sauces.”

Brady At Night

Brady At Night

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