New York City Proposes Street Texting Ban

The New York State Senate is considering a law that would fine people for texting and emailing while crossing the street, but if they really think that’s going to get people to put their phones down and pay attention while they’re walking they are sorely mistaken.

The law would fine first time offenders $25 to $50 bucks, while those who get caught again within 18 months would face fines of $250.

And while these penalties aren’t exactly pennies, folks in New York don’t seem to expect their fellow residents to concern themselves with it. “There will be a green light and people will still be texting in the middle of the street,” one cabby told the "New York Post," while another person added, “What a dumb proposal. I’m still going to text while crossing.”

Not only will people not care, making cops ticket texters is a pretty huge waste of their time. So, why is this bill even happening? Well, co-sponsor Assembly man Felix Ortiz claims it’s what people want. He notes, “I have been receiving so many complaints from people saying, ‘Please ban text messaging when people are crossing.’”

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