Woman Hunts Down People Who Stole Her Car And Steals It Back

I know the police don't really want us fighting crime. They certainly don't want us doing any of the heavy lifting but I imagine it's pretty damn satisfying when you do. 

There's a woman named Danielle Reno in Kansas City, Missouri and unfortunately last Tuesday night, she stopped at a convenience store and left her SUV out front running. She was only inside for about a minute when she watched three women steal her SUV. 

Danielle wasn't happy and filed a police report but decided she wasn't going to sit this one out and did a little investigating herself. So instead of canceling her credit cards that were in the SUV, she left them open and tracked how the thieves were using them.

Over the course of the next two days, she monitored where the thieves were going. Eventually, they used the cards at a gas station near Danielle's house and she rushed there to ask for information.

A clerk said she heard the women talking about going to Applebee's. So Danielle headed to the Applebee's nearby, sat down, and waited. Sure enough, the thieves drove up in her SUV and walked in.

Danielle then did what anyone of us would have done. Stole back her SUV and then called the cops. If that wasn't enough, she then live-streamed the arrest on Facebook.

The cops went to the Applebee's, and the women were arrested.

Brady At Night

Brady At Night

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