You Can Rent An Avocado-Shaped Camper In Australia

Lots of folks are bummed that avocado prices are getting so high that restaurants are taking them off menus, but we’re here to tell you about a new way to get your avo fix. If you really love avocados, you can book a two-night stay inside one.

They’re calling it an Avo-Condo, which is really a cute camper shaped like an avocado and it’s in Sydney, Australia overlooking the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House.

It’s only $70 a night, well, plus the airfare to fly halfway around the world, and the first-come, first-serve reservations open on July 29th. Sure, it’s unrealistic, but it comes with a complimentary basket of avocado-themed goodies and it’s decorated with adorable avocado-themed decor, so just think of the Instagram opportunities!

Brady At Night

Brady At Night

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