California University Offering Course On "Adulting"

Finally, Universities are offering college classes that can actually help this generation survive in the real world. The University of California at Berkeley is now offering courses on "Adulting." 

Adulting is a term used to identify with anything that has to do with being an adult. Most parents these days are always complaining about how easy this younger generation has it. Technology has certainly made things much easier for this generation and most kids feel like they just don't have any of the necessary skills to cope with real life. Now they do.

There's no predictable way of becoming an adult, but there are ways to assist in making a smooth, but bumpy, transition. The curriculum will focus on everyday living issues ranging from filing taxes to managing stress.

When the course debuted in the spring semester, 100 students signed up to fill the class and its 30 seats. Now, two classes will be offered in the fall.

Brady At Night

Brady At Night

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