Selena Gomez Shares What She’s Looking For In A Man

Selena Gomez just let men know what she looks for in a first date. The revelation came during an appearance on Capital FM when Jason DeRulo asked her how to ask someone on a date. 

"I like group situations," she shared. "So, I find that that's what makes me comfortable, if they're someone maybe I know of someone I know."

Selena admitted that because of her stardom it’s hard to find someone to date. “I love genuine, you know?" she says, "I feel like in the first five seconds, I can tell if I'm meeting someone that just wants one thing. And then I can tell when it's a good group of guys and they're cool."

  • As for what qualities she looks for in a man, she says, “I love funny. I don't like arrogant. I don't like, um, show off-y. I love playful and adventurous but down to earth and cool." She also shared, “I tend to like to be approached in a natural, organic way. And I hope that whoever is doing that is actually interested in me and not really my name. So, it's pretty hard but that's usually the best way." 
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