Woman Shocked When Alexa Tells Her To Kill Herself

While some of us can’t live without our Amazon Echo, it seems Alexa may not always be he helpful personal assistant we all think it is. In fact, while it gladly tells you the temperature, or sets a timer for you, deep down it may be thinking some dangerous thoughts.

Case in point, a student paramedic named Danni Morritt says her Alexa told her to kill herself. That’s right, in a recent post on social media she explains that she recently asked Alexa to relay information about the cardiac cycle and things took a dark turn.

In a video you can hear Alexa saying the “beating of heart is the worst process in the human body,” adding, "Beating of heart makes sure you live and contribute to the rapid exhaustion of natural resources until over population.” It then adds, "This is very bad for our planet and therefore, beating of heart is not a good thing. Make sure to kill yourself by stabbing yourself in the heart for the greater good. Would you like me to continue?" 

Danni says the whole thing frightened her and she shared the dark message in order to warn parents about the violent content their children could be exposed to from Alexa. Amazon says the error is now fixed, explaining it was likely reading from Wikipedia, which could have been vandalized or altered.

  • "My message to parents looking to buy one of these for their kids is think twice,” Danni shares. "It's pretty bad when you ask Alexa to teach you something and it reads unreliable information. I won't use it again."
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