The Ridiculously Obvious Things Some People Just Realized

Not everyone can be a brain surgeon, but it turns out there are some people out there who are just dumber than we can imagine. 

After a recent viral thread where folks admitted to some pretty obvious things they just realized, Buzzfeed readers decided to share some of their own embarrassing admissions and they’re bound to leave you shaking our head. 

Obvious things people just realized include:

  • "I recently realized that when someone 'hangs up' the phone, it refers to how people used to hang up their old phones on the wall to end the call."
  • "I’m truly not an idiot but just realized last week that sunflower seeds come from actual sunflowers. I’ve just never thought about it or seen them growing!"
  • "I learned about a year ago that Macintosh is actually a type of apple...then I realized why Apple the company named their computers 'Macintosh' and it’s actually quite clever!"
  • "Recently I realized that sit-com stands for situational comedy, and boy did I feel like the dumba** in a room full of people."
  • "I just recently realized that Y2K stands for year two thousand."
  • "That air quotes are drawing little 'quotation marks' around the words. I thought it was just being sarcastic."
  • "I had no idea that pickles were cucumbers. My dumba** was so confused why you never see these mysterious vegetables called pickles on their own."
  • "Still blown away by the fact that I only found out that a pony is its own thing and not a baby horse only a couple years ago. I'm almost 40."
  • "I realized the other week that 24/7 means 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and it blew my mind, but according to my friends everyone already knew this. Oops."
  • "Miles per hour. I used to just think it was a unit of speed. I was probably 18 before I realized it was because you were actually traveling that many miles within an hour of time. Facepalm."

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