FEEL GOOD NEWS: Meet Jessica Frew - A 18 Year Old Model W/ Cerebral Palsy

With all this crazy 2020 news, I felt like it was time we saw some good news in the cycle.

I want you to meet Jessica Frew. A Z100 listener who reached out to me on my Instragram @BradyOnAir recently and her story is so inspiring. Jessica is an 18 year old with Cerebral Palsy and is currently breaking down barriers and pursuing her dreams of becoming a model as well as an advocate for people with the condition.

Here is a little bit about Jessica!

Jessica & I got to talking on social media and just her views on life and where she plans so go is incredible. She messaged me "My goal in life is to help show people with disabilities to believe in their selves nothing is impossible, never give up their dreams, and also make a change in the world for people with disabilities as well! I would love to share my story out there to inspire people with disabilities and without to make a difference in the world!"

Make sure you give her a follow on IG @Jessxfrew and show some support! We're rooting for you Jessica! Thank you for providing inspiration during these insane times!

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