Instagram Influencers Get Exposed For Faking Their Lifestyles

So social media isn't really about showing your real life, it's about showing the life you want people to think you have. Especially if you are a so-called influencer with hundreds of thousands of followers. 

A number of popular TikTok and Instagram influencers have been busted for faking their self-proclaimed luxurious lifestyles recently. Turns out that many notable influencers don't own or fly on the private jets that they show in their pictures. They seem to be just renting a Los Angeles studio designed to look like the inside of a private jet.

A full-blown studio, designed to look like private jets, complete with the appropriate lighting, was discovered in the Boyle Heights section of Los Angelos. A list of notable social media influencers who used the fake jet studio has been published on Twitter. The list includes The 7 Angels, who have 274,000 followers on TikTok, and Kennedy Cymone, who has 1.6 million followers on Instagram. The studio is available for rent for groups of up to nine people, for $64 an hour.

Nahhhhh I just found out LA ig girlies are using studio sets that look like private jets for their Instagram pics. It’s crazy that anything you’re looking at could be fake. The setting, the clothes, the body... idk it just kinda of shakes my reality a bit