Olivia Holt On History, 13 Reasons Why, and Love Triangles


Olivia Holt stopped by the Dunkin Donuts Iced Coffee Lounge to perform an acoustic version of her hit song 'History.' While talking to Shelley Rome, Olivia revealed the song is actually based on something that happened to her. After breaking up with a guy she was really into, Olivia revealed she started dating somebody new even though her heart wasn't really in it. After heading in to the studio and writing this track, Olivia called it off with her then-boyfriend and told her ex how she really felt. No wonder this song felt so relatable! 

Not only is Olivia super relatable when it comes to her love life, we also learned that she's obsessed with some of the same things we are. Shelley and Olivia talked about binge watching 13 Reasons Why on Netflix because TBH we can't talk about anything else these days! Olivia watched the whole show because she loves chilling at home on her days off, just like we do...but also because she's besties with Dylan Minnette AKA Clay Jensen. Okay, so maybe she's a little more glamorous than us....


Shows like 13 Reasons Why, as well as Dylan Minnette's amazing performance in the show, have inspired Olivia to get back into acting. She revealed she wants to test her range and try out some darker material. She's also inspired by Reese Witherspoon who, much like Olivia herself, is more known for comedic work. Despite being able to make you laugh in roles like Legally Blonde and Sweet Home Alabama, Witherspoon is able to really show her range in projects like Wild and Big Little Lies. Olivia hopes to follow in Witherspoon's footsteps for her career. 

Right now, though, Olivia is focused on her music. She's riding the wave of success that has come with 'History,' telling Shelley it feels a bit surreal. Even though Olivia got her start by acting on the Disney Channel, she's always wanted to pursue music. Now, she's finally getting to do just that. Luckily, there's a lot more coming, too! Olivia will be dropping an album, working on some cool collabs, and singing her heart out for the foreseeable future. 



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