WATCH: Cardi B At All Star Game Is #MOOD GOALS


Okkk, Okkk. So I've had an AMAZING night with you live on Z100. I was dancing it up in between all of my talk breaks. I don't know if there is something up with the moon or what, haha, I'm just in a great mood tonight! If you peep my Instagram stories you can check out all of the ridiculous dancing and singing to my faves I have done ALL day (and last night too, LOL).

That brings me to THIS: Cardi B courtside at All Star Weekend. JUST BEING CARDI. I loooove this so much, you don't even know. I love blazers, I actually have a red one just like this, I wear sunglasses at night, I love popcorn (who doesn't?!) I dance like no one is watching (Instagram- you'll see), and I just love being my crazy self- which Cardi does SO WELL.

So Cardi, you, at All Star weekend, are #MOOD goals. All day. Every day.


Erica America


Erica America

Erica America

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