WATCH: Kylie Jenner Shows Off Baby Stormi


Bonsoir beautiful souls! 

So Kylie Jenner gave us a little peek at her baby Stormi! Unfortunately, we don't get to see her face yet, but she shared a little clip holding Stormi's little feet + toes! Who doesn't love baby feet?? (I also love doggie paws, but maybe I'm a weirdo, haha) You can see Kylie still has her nails done to the nines.. work it girl! I'm sure Kylie is having an amazing time bonding with her new daughter. If she has any questions about being a mom, she has sisters to ask with lots of experience! Dang, that fam produces a lot of girls! They're all going to be besties just like North West and Penelope Disick! 

Hope you had a GREAT weekend and thanks to everyone who listened and hit me up on social media!

Love you guys!


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