PHOTO: Kanye + North West = Daddy/Daughter Goals


Hey guys!

So yesterday at 'March For Our Lives' in Washington, D.C., there was a very famous family in the crowd!  Kim Kardashian West, Kanye West, and their adorable daughter North West (Saint and Chicago must have stayed home)! These photos captured of Daddy + Daughter are just too cute! I love their relationship. As much as people like to think Kanye is not a nice guy or is completely self-involved.. I have to disagree! I think he is very in-tune to others, his fans, and expecially his family. I have a feeling he is a very attentive Dad! I also love that Kim and Kanye are still together going strong despite haters saying they would have broken up by now. It seems like they really love eachother and are a good match. And they love their children, that's a beautiful thing! I also think it's cool they just hung out in the crowd like everyone else. 

It was definitely quite a day all across the country for #MarchForOurLives and celebrities, from music artists to actors, definitely turned out! I hope you had an amazing weekend and got to LET LOOSE A LITTLE. I had so much fun with you on-air at Z100 all weekend! I love bonding with you guys on social media while I'm on air. It's so much fun and kind of like a huge party! Have an AMAZING week ahead.. whatever challenges you may face! YOU CAN DO IT!


Erica America


Erica America

Erica America

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