Hello my beautiful souls!

Today was QUITE an amazing and inspirational day across America. A vibrant array of #MarchForOurLives demonstrations took place from our capital of Washington, D.C., to right here in New York City, to Los Angeles, and to many other places across the US. It was very powerful to see people coming together for an issue they feel so strongly about. 

Social media was LIT with photos of activists raging from young children to adults to MANY celebrities (music artists included) who came out and showed their support for legislation to decrease gun violence. The brave students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School were really the catalysts behind this movement and it is so beautiful to see how the passion of these young people who were hurt so devesatingly and tragically with the recent school shooting has sparked a MOVEMENT. This issue affects, of course, our young people, but also ALL people who have been victims of gun violence in the past and could be future victims. They do not want to see ANOTHER mass shooting at a school, or anywhere for that matter.

Demi Lovato and Miley Cyrus performed today for March For Our Lives, as well as Ariana Grande, Common, Andra Day and more. George + Amal Clooney showed their strong support with their attendance in addition to their $500,000 donation (WOW). 

Take a look through the photos below that I curated on Instagram after looking around and getting the feel (you have to swipe right to see them all) You can see and almost feel some of the energy going across the country today. You will see every day people and children (which are quite poignant) as well as celebrities you will recognize like Harry Styles, Selena Gomez, Halsey, Charlize Theron + more showing their support for this cause. I thought it was awesome fellow radio personalities Elvis Duran, Wendy Wild, Alex from Kiss in LA.. all showed their passion today. I have included them in the pics!

Did you participate today? Did you do so in "spirit"? Shout out to everyone who stood up for what they believe in today! I'm on-air now at Z100 and I am having a PARTY!!! Hope you're listening.. You can also catch me tomorrow at 7pm! Love you lots and sending you love, clarity and inner peace. That's the tip I'm on these days! Be sure to follow me on Social Media so we can connect and be friends! @TheEricaAmerica on Twitter + Facebook! 


Erica Ameroca