PHOTO: Justin Timberlake + Jessica Biel Are #GOALS


Hello my daahhhhhlings!

It's me, Erykah! I changed the spelling of my name this week. Ok no, I didn't, but I kind of wish my name was spelled like that. I'd be so much cooler. OK, probably not, LOL. Anywayyy, it's so nice to see you again here on my Z page! I'm currently on-air at Z100 until midnight.. blasting your faves and connecting with you all on social media.. it's my favorite part because I know you're listening and I get to connect with you and your excitement and feedback! I'm currently loving the new Calvin Harris x Dua Lipa #OneKiss. Dua is my new favorite pop crush! I love so many other Z100 artists as well, but right now I'm really digging her unique take on pop! Very refreshing. I also have to congratulate miss Cardi B on her gold-certified debut album #InvasionOfPrivacy, which makes her the female artist in history to go GOLD in one day! Go Carrrrrrdi! Oh, and while we're on celeb news, congrats to Kate Hudson on her pregnancy with a baby girl! Lots of positive things!

Now on to this lovely Justin Timberlake Insta post! How cute is this.. Justin posted this today, a sweet pic of him adjusting his 'Man Of The Woods' style beanie with wife Jessica Biel wrapping his arms around him with the caption "She's got my back." It looks like it could be at one of his concerts, but wherever it was taken, it's just sweet. They have a child together, Silas, and just many years of solid love behind them. It seems like they both really support each other both personally and in terms of their career, and that is so important in a relationship. Celebrity marriages and relationships seem extra hard to last because they are under such constant scrutiny from the media. But look at Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, or Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russel. Some celeb couples definitely make it for the long haul! I wish the best to Justin and Jessica and it's great to see them holding each other down! 

I hope your weekend is going well. Update me on what's going on with you! You can always hit me up on social media: @TheEricaAmerica on Twitter + Instagram! Until next time, with love...


Erica America


PS Here's a lil video of me on air tonight at Z100! I'll be back on air tomorrow at 7p!

Erica America

Erica America

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