PHOTO: Cardi B's Sister Gushes On Her Pregnancy

Hey guys (and #BardiGang)!

So in case you missed it (LOL, somehow I don't think you did), last night after I got off air on Z100, Cardi B revealed her magical baby bump on Saturday Night Live! It was during her second performance that she showed off her sweet bump in a long white dress. There were already a lot of pregnancy rumors buzzing about, but personally, I don't like to listen to rumors. To me, it's real when the woman announces it herself, on her terms. So now that it is official, I must send a HUGE CONGRATS to Bardi on her baby-to-be with fiance Offset of Migos! Cardi's upcoming months as a pregnant goddess (why, of course that's what she will be!) will be undoubtedly followed by the world. I hope she gets the rest and privacy she needs while still doing what she loves! 

The announcement came out just a short time after the release of her debut album #InvasionOfPrivacy which broke records on its first day! Yup, she is is the first female artist to go GOLD in 24 hours. What a year for Cardi B! Seriously. Below you will see Cardi's sister Hennessy sending a loving message to her big sis on the baby bump reveal! It's very sweet! They seem to really have a loving bond and a great relationship. I also included some fun from last night when the news dropped on SNL! And a short vid of me tonight!

Have an incredible week ahead, whatever obstacles you may face. You have overcome fear before so you will do it again! And I'm right there with you!


Erica America


Erica America

Erica America

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