WATCH: Cardi B Twerks While Pregnant At Coachella


Hey beauties!

So as you probably know, Coachella is going down and so many celebs are there- performing AND just hanging out and taking it all in! Last night Queen Beyonce hit the stage and broke the Internet- looking fierce, strong and beautiful in awesome costumes (I posted a bunch of clips of her performance on my Instagram), precise choreo AND a reunion with Destiny's Child...

But now, ladies and gents, it's BARDI TIME! Yes Cardi B, entertainer of the year (I just made that up but it's true) recently hit the Coachella stage and here are some clips! She's pregnant, in all white and TWERKING IT UP like the bad woman she is! OKURRRRR! Go Cardi! I love her little pigtails they remind me of Britney.. you know I bring everything back to her! Haha 

In other celeb news, Kanye West reappeared on Twitter today with his free-flowing stream of consiousness, so that's always interesting! I hope you had an amazing weekend and will have an amazing week ahead! I f you're going through a tough time, I see you, I hear you, and please don't give up! Below is a video of me from tonight on-air and a positive meme I posted!  

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Erica America

Erica America

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