Mila Kunis + Ashton Kutcher On Kiss Cam is EVERYTHING

Hello lovelies!

Happy #HusbandAppreciationDay! I think it's today? Haha, I honestly cannot keep up with the various "National" days anymore. It's either 'National Pet Appreciation Day' (ok, this one is cool) or 'Love Your Banana Day' or 'National Day of The Pancake'.. I just can't.. haha. Why isn't there 'National Turtle Day' then, if we're seriously giving EVERYTHING a day? Ha, there probably is.

ANYWAY.. in honor of this day of 'husband appreciation' and honoring couples and such.. Check out hands-down, one of the cutest celebrity couples, Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher! They were at a hockey game, the LA Kings game to be exact, and the KISS CAM stopped right on them. This is the cutest little video ever! They really seem still so deeply in love as well as funny, down-to-earth and all that good stuff! The couple is pretty low key and have two children together. Sometimes the KISS CAM videos of celebs or even regular people are a LITTLE awkward (aka Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott.. have you seen that?) but this one is just so natural and adorable!

In fact, every time Mila and Ashton are seen out and about in LA or wherever they go, they look just like a regular couple enjoying their time together. They go out to lunch a lot, hang out with their kids, go to sporting events, and take in concerts. They actually never even did a red carpet together until pretty recently. So yes, I vote them one of Hollywood's coolest couples! I really hope they last! 

I hope you're having a great start to your weekend. Here in New York, Spring has still not fully arrived, though technically we have been Springing-it-up for a little bit! Hopefully it will start to be nice soon, because there's nothing like being able to ditch those winter coats (mine happen to be huge faux fur ha) and just walk outside as-is! A little sun on the face is SO good for the mood too! Before I came to work, even though it was only about 59 degrees. I took a walk outside by a pond and by the water so I got to a feel a little sun on my skin as well as see my little duckies I love to visit! Just 20 minutes outside makes me feel so much better and leaves me invigorated! Do you get that feeling too? I also started this thing where I touch trees as I walk by.. Haha, I know it sounds crazy but it's a way to "ground" yoursel to the earth and its energy.. and it really works! It makes me feel better. What do you do to improve your mood? See you tomorrow night right here ay Z100! And make sure youre following me on Instagram and Twitter- @TheEricaAmerica! I love to connect!


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