Robin Thicke's GF April Love Geary Shares Breastfeeding Photo

Hey Darlings!

How are you? Hope this weekend has been treating you well! We got some nice-ish weather, but still not QUITE Spring-like.. so hopefully mother nature will bless us with some beautiful, sunny 70 degree days very soon! We're ready, right!? Seasonal Affectiveness Disorder needs to come to an end for those who suffer! And for everyone else too!

So, let us discuss this celebrity story. Robin Thicke's girlfriend April Love Geary recently had a baby daughter with Robin Thicke (CONGRATS GUYS!) Yesterday she shared a photo (below) on Instagram taken by Robin of her breastfeeding her baby girl. Apparently, April received some backlash fo the photo, in particular by a woman named Chanelle Hayes who she decided to respond to. April clapped back at her comment regarding the breastfeeding picture. You can see both comments below. I know this is still considered a somewhat controversial topic, but I believe a woman's body is her body and her business. So if a woman wants to share a photo of that experience then what is really wrong with that? If you don't like it, you don't have to look at it. It's a woman feeding her baby. It's natural. It doesn't have to be seen as anything shameful. But I do understand that everyone sees things differently. I wish Robin and April the very best with their baby girl!

I hope you all have an amazing week ahead, whatever lies ahead. Spring is a time of growth and rebirth- so let us try to do the same as we come out of a VERY long winter! For me, I've been working on myself in a bunch of different ways. I like reading self-growth books, doing meditation (I LOVE and recommend the free app Insight Timer), listening to podcasts or talks on topics I think I need help with, and of course going to to therapy! I think therapy is an amazing tool for ALL people.. why not have help in understanding yourself and your behavior? I just think it's a great tool/relationship and I always recommend it to people, regardless if they are having a tough time or not. Oh, and I also want to start DANCING again! It's such a fun thing to do and I've seen myself doing less of it over the last few years as I get older! 

What do YOU do to work on you and become a better version of yourself? I would love to hear! Hit me up on Instagram and Twitter: same name @TheEricaAmerica. Before we know it "It's Gonna Be Mayyyyyy"... great weather and new opportunities for us all! LOVE YOU!


Erica America 


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