Kanye West To Put Mother's Plastic Surgeon On Album Cover

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Another weekend almost over! I hope yours was good whether you worked like me, or spent quality time relaxing with friends and family! So as you know, Kanye West has been causing a bit of a stir with his tweets in recent weeks. He has been speaking about "love" and how important it is to him and even tweeted that his new album will be called "Love Everyone." He also tweeted something surprising to people- the cover of his album will be a photo of the plastic surgeon that worked on his mother (who died the next day after the multiple surgeries). Why would he do this? Especially, as people know, that Kanye was devastated after his mom's passing? Well, Yeezy is now all about love and says he will do this as a way to forgive the doctor and stop hating. He even said he would like to meet with him and talk. 

Kanye West tweeted a screenshot of a text between him and a friend named Wes which had a photo of his mother's doctor. Apparently this plastic surgeon performed multiple surgeries on mom Donda in 2007, a breast reduction surgery along with other procedures. The next day Donda tragically died from heart problems that were linked to the surgeries. 

Losing your mother is such a gigantic, gaping loss, and it would affect anyone extremely deeply. It seemed that Kanye was very affected by his mother's passing in the following years. I have great empathy for anyone who loses a parent ahead of their time, as parents are such an integral part of one's life, whether the relationship is good or bad. In his recent tweets, Kanye has been calling the time period for him "the sunken place"- which to me is an artistic way to call a hard time of struggle and pain. West says he is now out of it, and it seems like this new album is all about love and how he overcame these times.

Regardless of whether people relate or accept Kanye's tweets or thoughts, I think it is positive that he is expressing himself, as long as he isn't hurting anyone, which he isn't. If LOVE is his bottomline message and driving force, I think that's a positive thing. I believe love is everything and it's what makes us human and unites us all. Kanye certainly has a unique way of doing things that sometimes rubs people the wrong the way, but he is attempting to be himself and not just "pretend" to be something he's not. I think we can all relate to that struggle. 

Sending love to you this week and I'd love to hear from you on social media!


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