Khloe Kardashian Shares Baby True Close-Up

Hello darlings!

Hope you are having a lovely weekend! So earlier today Khloe Kardashian shared the first video/pic of her one-month old daughter, Baby True Thompson! She is beautiful.. and I'm glad she is happy to share her experience. I came across another close-up of Baby True so I wanted to share it with you! I also included the original video of the baby as well! Since we really haven't heard Khloe speak about her whole experience with Tristan Thompson right before she gave birth, we don't REALLY know how Khloe is doing. All I can say is I truly hope she is ok and that she is enjoying this special time of bonding with her baby girl. It must be so hard to hear of your partner cheating while you are pregnant, I can't even imagine the pain and confusion she might have gone trough. The feeling I do get, however, just from watching the show for years, is that Khloe is extremely strong, giving and understanding. So I am sure she is doing the best she can giving the circumstances. But no matter what, I just know she is going to be/already is an amazing, loving mother.

Happy Mother's Day to everyone celebrating tomorrow. I will be back on air at 7pm to hang with you! This can be a wonderful day for many people, but also a difficult one for those people who don't have good relationships with their mother. Or for those who may have lost their mother. So I just try to think about everyone on a holiday and that it's not always the same for everyone. <3 Have an amazing weekend and be sure to connect with me on social media. @TheEricaAmerica on Instagram and Twitter!


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