Royal Wedding Photo Diary!

Hello beautiful people! 

So if you haven't heard or maybe stayed away from media ALL day, lol, today was the Royal Wedding! Yes Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are now husband and wife.. and Duke and Dutchess of Sussex! I did not get to catch the live stream as many people did, however I made sure to get the highlights online and collect some of the prettiest moments for you as a quick recap! Did you get to watch it as it happened? Or did you catch up after? Or did you pretty much just ignore it? 

Well, judging by the gorgeous photos, the wedding went off beautifully! I also included some photos of celebrity guests like George Clooney and wife Amal Clooney, Oprah and Idris Elba. I also found a photo of past royal brides over the years including Princess Diana and Duchess Kate. Let me know if The Royal Family is something that you follow and are interested in.. and how come? I'm curious! I wish this new Royal couple nothing but happiness and love! They exist in a very unique world that is under a microscope lens. The entire world watches everything they do, scrutinizes (and buys lol) everything Meghan wears, etc. Hopefully newlywed Megan can talk to Kate and get some good advice on how to stay grounded in this world!

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