Beyonce + Jay Z Drop Joint Album 'Love Is Everything'! #SURPRISE

Hello beautiful souls!

It's your girl E-Dog, aka Erica. LOL. On the air with you now and wanted to discuss the BEY/JAY commotion! SO new music news broke when Queen Beyonce + Legend Jay Z gave fans a SWEET SURPRISE today at their OTR II show in London. They dropped a brand new joint album called "Love Is Everything." and shook both the stadium and TWITTER UNIVERSE. They also released an new video for the song "Apeshit" which, get this, they rented out the LOUVRE MUSEUM in Paris and took it over filming the illest video. You know, just classical art and The Mona Lisa in the background of their vid. That's how the Carters do! Watch the video below. This song has an interesting lyric from Jay which seems to clap back at NFL where he raps: 

“I said no to the superbowl, you need me, I dont need you.  Every night we’re in the endzone... Tell the NFL we’re doing stadiums too.” 

The album has 9 tracks and is being streamed exclusively on Tidal. The songs open up about all sorts of personal issues like cheating, their marriage and how they feel about haters. Beyonce sings on "Love Happy":

“You did some things to me.  Boy you do some things to me. But love is deeper than your pain and I believe you can change."

What are your thoughts on this album and new music video? Let me know! You have to give it to Bey and Jay, they STAY relevant, they stay cutting-edge, they keep people guessing, but also open up and share about their personal lives. Bey + Jay are Bey + Jay for a reason! They're ridiculously talented and they KNOW what they're doing with their careers and their image!


Erica America

Erica America

Erica America

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