Dua Lipa Sings Alicia Keys As A Little Girl!

Hey sweet things!

Happy Sunday, and #HappyPride everyone! Z100 has a float today in the parade and is celebrating BIG here in NYC! I'm on-air at Z100 now with passes to see 5SOS this Wednesday at our iHeartRadio Theatre! Woop Woop. I know a LOT of you guys want these.. so don't give up, there's stil la bunch of more chances to win all day. Plus an extra chance to win them right here on Z100.com!

So on to this adorbs video of a little Dua Lipa back in the day, singing like a little angel to Alicia Keys 'No One' as a young girl. She is so cute! Such a unique, distinctive voice and awesome presence right from the start! I found a few other throwback videos of her too (all below). I also included some current-days flicks of Dua so you can see how she's evolved!

As you may know, I LOVE Dua Lipa.. I really feel she is THE BIG THING right now. :) She is having her MOMENT. A rising star for a few years, it's all come together perfectly and now it's BAM.. superstar time for Miss Lipa! From her irresistible songs to her voice to her attitude to her style to her beyond-gorgeous-ness.. she is the whole package and it feels really FRESH to me. I just love her. 

I even have said this special moment for Dua Lipa reminds me a little of my fave Britney Spears when she stepped on to the scene back in the late 90s and just took over everything. I know, of course, they aren't alike as performers/singers, but they both are SUPER attractive artists in many ways. You just want to eat up the songs, the image, the charming/humble personality, everything. So I'm saying that as a HUGE compliment bc Britney is an icon and her early songs were world-wide smashes. Looking forward to Dua's huge career!


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