Kylie Jenner Comments On Stormi's Lips + MORE

Hello beautiful souls!

What's going on? Hope you're having a great weekend. Can't believe July 4 has come and gone and now we have a few weeks of JULY 2018 to savor and enjoy! You know how fast the summer goes! (And how slowwww the winter goes! LOL)

So Kylie Jenner did a video chat with her bestie Jordyn Woods, and she opened up about a number of topics (full video below). She also commented on her daughter Stormi's lips (the clip is below as well). The clip shows her saying that she think's her baby girl's lips are perfect and that Stormi didn't get them from her,  but rather her father, which seems to be a light-hearted joke as she has admitted to her lips being enhanced in the past. 

I personally think Kylie was beautiful before as well as now.. Whatever makes Kylie happy is what matters. I'm glad she's enjoying her time as a new mother and opening up about the experience with her fans. It's cool that Kylie is experiencing this time with her sisters Kim Kardashian and Khloe who also have little ones at the same time! I'm sure they will grow up being close just like North and Penelope.

Have a great weekend! And if you're not feeling your best or that things are where you want them to be, remember everything changes and this time will pass.. and there are better days ahead!




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Erica America

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