Kylie Jenner Reveals Going Back To Natural Lips

Hey loves!

So it was JUST yesterday (literally) we were talking about Kylie Jenner commenting on her baby girl Stormi's beautiful lips and that she thought they didn't come from her but rather her father. Well today Kylie's lips are in the social media frenzy again as she posted the below photo on Instagram, to which a fan commented:

 "she looks like the old Kylie here idk why"

THEN Kylie responded:

"i got rid of all my filler"

Mic Drop. 

Kylie has been almost synonymous with lip enhancement and her big, full lips.. she even has the uber-successful Kylie Lip Kits. In May 2015 she first publically spoke about her lip enhancements and has been rocking them proudly ever since. But now, as a Mommy in 2018, she has decided to let them go! At least for now. I think that's awesome! Whatever makes her feel happy is what matters. Not what ANYONE else thinks. They're temporary, so whatever feels right for her in the moment. She seems really happy right now, so that's awesome!

Have an awesome week ahead, guys! I have lots of fun commentary on my Instagram Stories now.. like my analysis of Justin Bieber + Hailey Baldwin's engagement (!) and my thoughts regarding Selena Gomez as well! Follow me here. Talk soon, daaaaarlings.



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