Tamar Braxton Snatches Her OWN WIG OFF!

Hello daaaahlings!

How are you?? Hope all is well in your world! It's the last weekend in July (Summer goes way too fast, right!?) and I am currently blasting all the hits on Z100, as I do every weekend. Next weekend I'll be in Europe, so I'll see you back right here the following weekend! <3

Now, on to this celeb Insta-vid I wanted to show you.. Tamar Braxton, recording artist, reality star and member of the famous Braxton Family, was really feeling herself (Beyonce voice) in all of her natural beauty as she performed on stage. Tamar was mid-performance and snatched her own wig off and continued without it! GO TAMAR! She said "I'm a real woman... I am SUPER Btch..." I love embracing all forms of beauty.. natural included! Tamar is beautiful with and definitely without the long wig! Do you girl! Love it..


Erica America

Erica America

Erica America

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