The Wests Are In The Building (Matching)!

Hello my daaaahlings!

Hope your Sunday has treated you lovely! Here's a new photo of 'THE WESTS' aka Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. They seem to be matchy matchy in these ensembles.. kind of a grey/metal/sparkles/spray paint kind of thang. Kim's shirt seems a BIT see-through, but OKAY! You know she doesn't care! Personally, it doesn't bother me! I like the two of them.. I know a lot of people feel differently. We're all entitled to our feelings! As long as they aren't hurting anyone and are doing their thing with their family, I think it's all good. 

Have a a GREAT week ahead and we will talk soon. Hang with me on social media @TheEricaAmerica on Insta and Twitter for my European adventures coming REAL soon!


Erica America

Erica America

Erica America

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