Teyana Taylor's Wig Flys Off, Continues Singing LIKE A BOSS

Hello darlings!

Hope you've been well! I wanted to share this video of singer, rapper, amazing dancer and VH1 reality star Teyana Taylor (she's super talented if you're not familiar with her). So here she is in the video below, performing for her fans, when her wig FLYS OFF from her intense dance moves. While many people might be embarrassed, like if you had a wardrobe malfunction and just scoot off to stage left to fix it, but no, NOT TODAY. NOT TEYANA! Teyana continued to rock out without her wig, and dang, that's powerful! Natural is beautiful! 

Had a lovely evening with you on-air at Z100, and I'll be back tomorrow night to rock with you at 7pm!


Erica America

Erica America

Erica America

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