Selena Gomez Rocks New Tattoos With Besties!

Hello bunnies, puppies, sweet things, lovely humans and the such!

Hope your weekend is going just LOVELY so far! August goes by fast, as we all know, so we have to appreciate these summer Saturdays while they last. There's nothing like getting out of work after my show at Z100 into the HOT HOT night! I love that! No, this lady is not missing stepping out into a blizzard!

I've been having SO MUCH FUN on air with you tonight on Z100. The hits have just been so good, like Sabrina Carpenter #AlmostLove, Bazzi + Camila Cabello #BeautifulRemix, JuiceWrld #LucidDreams + #Drake + more goodies. I literally did not stop for a second between all the blasting of sweet music, tweeting, video-ing, dancing and such!

On to this post from Miss beautiful and authentic Selena Gomez. Last night she got matching '4' tattoos with her besties as they celebrated a birthday, and today she showed off another tattoo that she got with her and her bestie Courtney Barry. A # 1 for her ride or die! Read the caption below as Selena celebrates her friend and all the things she appreciates about her! Very sweet. I love the energy SG is sending off lately.. to me, it feels like she FEELS GOOD right now.. and that is something to be celebrated! Life has many ups and downs as we all know, and it's impossible for it to be good ALL of the time. So shout out to Selena and her besties for enjoying FRIENDSHIP and living it up right now, Summer 2018 style!

See you On-Air tomorrow night at 7p!


Erica America

Erica America

Erica America

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