Pop Culture & Mental Health: The Dialogue Is On With Charlamagne Tha God

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Oh yes, my friends, what a time it is for pop culture, music, and the upswing of SELF LOVE and MENTAL HEALTH as pop culture topics, in which music is a thread, intricately intertwined. Whether it's updates about Demi Lovato's battle with addiction and her ongoing mental health recovery, Kanye West's open discussion about his "sunken place" and addiction, or an artist's dedication to self care like Selena Gomez. How about J.Cole dedicating an entire FIRE album #KOD to addiction and being the adult child of an addict, and shouting out tools like meditation over the external validation of fame? You can't miss Bebe Rexha's latest hit #ImAMess in which she openly references going to therapy. Many more examples, not enough time. THESE THINGS MATTER! 

And how can we ignore the uber-successful and much-adored celebrities like Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain who took their lives this year, and so many others who have in the past? These issues affect us ALL, no matter your race, religion, follower count or number in the bank account.

As a radio/TV host and psychotherapist starting #PopTherapy a few years back, where I combine pop culture + mental health/therapy, you know I appreciate this dialogue! I'M HERE FOR IT. These important mental health issues are coming to the forefront and the stigma on mental health is wonderfully decreasing, which it should have long ago! It is not a person's fault if they deal with trauma, depression, anxiety, fear, mood disorders, OCD, addiction, PTSD, relationship issues, lack of self love + along with many other issues. So many people live everyday with this invisible struggle and it's important to know that you're not alone and that you can and SHOULD get the support you need, both professional and non-professional.

This brings me to this new BOOK. SHOOK about this book, y'all. My dear friend Charlamagne Tha God has his second book coming out, #SHOOKONE Anxiety Playing Tricks On Me, and I can't wait to dive into his poignant perspective on mental health and how to fight fear and anxiety so you can SOAR and be the true you, with the success you dream of and deserve. C is not only an awesome, honest person and long-time friend, but, of course, a hugely influential radio and television host (oh, haaay Power 105.1's The Breakfast Club) and what I would call a 'speaker of truth'. His first book was New York Time's Best Selling #BlackPrivilege. Charlamagne's open discussion around Mental Health + Mental Health Awareness will reverberate LOUDLY across the world. When he speaks, people listen. Period. I'm so grateful to call him a friend and to watch his journey of truth and greatness. He is a big inspiration to me.

On that note, I had a lovely time with you guys this weekend On-Air, and we shall certainly meet again soon! Until then, connect with me on the media that is social, @TheEricaAmerica! I love to share things that resonate with me and inspire my life journey!


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