Cardi B Is Nude + Gorgeous On The Gram

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And so his her fiance Offset! Okurrrrrrrr! Cardi B seems to be feeling saucy and sassy and her fiance agrees! Offset posted a pic of her on the gram just a few mins ago, sans clothes. Now before you get ALL worked up, she's looking backwards and covering certain parts with her hands, so you can't see everything.. just Cardi being Cardi! I personally don't have anything against nudity, I think it's a natural part of humanity.. so if you're feeling great Cardi, WORK IT! A few hours ago Cardi herself posted a photo (also below) in a black lingerie set. Mommy of Kulture is looking confident and lovely! I'm currently On-Air with you at Z100 and I hope you are rocking with me! It's the last weekend of August, so we have to go out with a BANG! So many hits, so little time. 

I also want to say RIP John McCain, Senator of Arizona, who sadly passed away today at age 81. Prayers and love to his family and friends. Hope your day is going well so far, whether it was action-packed, working, or chill. If you're not feeling your best, do me a favor and blast your fave song really loud and move your body! It works for me!


Erica America


Erica America

Erica America

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