Cardi B Is "Drinking Sparkling Water + Eating Spaghetti's" In Milan!

Hey beautiful souls!

How are you? This weekend was our 2018 #iHeartFestival and it was insane! So many incredible, diverse artists on one stage, two nights, plus an epic daytime stage.. all in Vegas! I watched and live-tweeted here from Z100 in NYC. My favorite.. Hmm, probably Justin Timberlake dueting with Shawn Mendes? But also.. Dua Lipa killing it? Childish Gambino performing his hits shirtless? Jack White!!? Mariah Carey? All SO good.. Be sure to watch it on The CW on October 7 and 8th!

So Cardi B is in Milan bringing the fashion and of course, her unique personailty. I thought these outfits were super cute and the video, just so classic Cardi. These are the kind of videos she made that shot her to superstardom over the past few years. She's eating spaghetti's daaaarling! Haha. Here's to a great week for you ahead, and remember to not be so hard on yourself if you make some steps backwards. I do all the time and often get mad at myself, but I try to remember, it's all part of our path! Even the fails.. if we learn and grow from our mistakes then that's a great thing.


Erica America


Erica America

Erica America

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