Kate Hudson Debuts Baby Rani Rose

Hey loves! 

How are you?? I hope you are feeling good on this early October weekend! I had a great time with you on air a Z100 tonight.. I just feel a certain inspiration in the air.. Do you feel it, too? An opportunity for growth and change! Look at me, actually getting into the Fall! Haha, you know I'm a forever-summer girl, but I feel empowered by the change of seasons this year! Letting go like the leaves falling! That's growth! 

So Kate Hudson shared the first photo of her beautiful baby Rani Rose Hudson Fujikawa. She was born on October 2, and was named in honor of her late grandfather Ron Fujikawa. Congrats to the new parents and their lovely new daughter! See you tomorrow at 3pm on Z100!


Erica America



A little clip from tonight on zee radeeyo:

Erica America

Erica America

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