Wesley Drops POWERFUL Song About Addiction In Families: #DHTSYS

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I'm all about the power of music and how important it is to our well being, self expression and connection to both our inner selves and others. I'm even MORE pumped when music touches on a topic that so many of us deal with, that isn't discussed nearly enough: 


Wesley (Wesley Stromberg) has this amazing new song called 'Don't Have To Say You're Sorry' which premiered on Billboard today! You may recognize him from his worldwide success as the frontman of Emblem 3. (You remember 'Chloe!") Wesley launched his career as a solo artist this past July, and this new song is all about his very personal connection to addiction, in this case, his sister's battle with opiate addiction. The song involves two very powerful forces: forgiveness and acceptance. I have a really awesome feeling about him as an artist. It takes a lot of courage (and of course, he's super talented) to share music about honest, personal experience. In this case, he will touch so many people and that it really inspiring! *ARTIST TO WATCH*, bae bae!

I want people to know SO MANY OF US deal with addiction, whether it's in our family or with loved ones at this present moment, in our past, or even in past generations of our family. Or we may be dealing with it personally ourselves. It is nothing to be ashamed of, as it is a disease, often called a family disease, and there are ways to get help and support for both people dealing with the addiction themselves, and for loved ones of those in the stuggle. Addiction truly affects everyone, and it's something we should be more open about in our society so no one feels alone.

Wesley is also doing something very cool: he's collaborating with two awesome non-profit organizations, To Write Love On Her Arms and ShatterproofThey raise awareness of the sigmas and recovery process surrounding addiction. Definitely check out their important work!

Wesley said:

"I believe that those with addiction must feel enabled to forgive themselves, and that we must always keep our doors open. I want my sister to know my door will always be open for her, and that she will always be loved. I'm incredibly grateful to TWLOHA and Shatterproof for their commitment to this extremely important message, and for working with me! Keep spreading unconditional love and acceptance!"

Listen to #DHTSYS below, or here, and let me know what you think! I hear Wesley has a world tour going down March 2019, beginning in Latin America, with MacKenzie Bourg opening! Let's go (get tickets here)! <3 

TO YOU: Have you dealt with addiction in your life? One thing I have found to be very helpful is to TALK ABOUT IT. There are support groups available, for free, every single day in practically every city and town, that can help everyone involved. Knowing that you are not alone, getting support from people going through it just like you, and some great steps on how to directly face the underlying emotions/issues can be very healing. Remember, whatever you are going through, someone has been through it and can help you on your journey. YOU GOT THIS! As always, connect with me on social media on Twitter and Instagram and let's discuss!

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Ok, he also is cuper cute!


Gotta love Wesley hanging with my girl Camila Cabello! (Hey #Camilizers!)


Wesley singing his first solo song "Remedy" acoustic:

Erica America

Erica America

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