Demi Lovato Tweets: 'I still need space and time to heal'

Hello beautiful souls, 

I first want to say I'm not making any comments about this matter other than to share Demi Lovato's thoughts that she put out into the world IN HER WORDS through her Twitter account. I personally have made no judgments or assumptions on what is going on in her world, because how could I or why would I? I only know about myself and my journey. I know nothing about her uniquely personal journey and I respect her privacy. All I will say is that I send Demi so much love. That's all, folks!

Happy Holidays if you celebrate, and I'm wishing you comfort and hope if you are going through a rough time. The holidays are not always an easy time for many people, contrary to popular belief! In general, I try to remember that people in our lives, or even on the Internet we don't personally know, may seem like they "have it all", but we never really know what pain or struggle they may be privately going through. 

Love Always,

Erica America

Erica America

Erica America

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