Zayn Malik Turns 26! #HappyBirthdayZayn

Zayn Malik, happy happy birthday, man! You've undoubtedly had a huge impact in your 26 years on this earth. I wish you all the peace, happiness and love in both your personal life and in your music and art. As I said in my tweet below, I really appreciate your commitment to following your truth and heart, even when people may have questioned the decisons you have made. Only WE know what's best for US, and you followed your unique path and intuition. You have also said how important it is to express your emotions, which I totally agree. That's inspirational to me! Congrats on your new album IcarusFalls. SO GOOD! One of my favorite songs right now, on repeat, is 'ThereYouAre' (heyyy MakeYouKnowLove). I have included some Zayn birthday fan art posted by InZayn, as well as his 'thank you' tweet to his #Zquad.


I'll leave you with this: Wherever you are, however you feel, I'm sending you love and hope.


Erica America

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