Britney Spears '...Baby One More Time' Turns 20

Hello my beautiful souls,

Britney Spears. WHERE DO I EVEN BEGIN? So much can be said about Britney's trailblazing, iconic, influential career and how she changed the course of pop music and pop culture forever. I could write a book on just that, ha. In fact, I did my final paper/project on her career when I was in undergrad college in my Marketing class. While most people chose products and how they could creatively take them to the next level, I chose to discuss the evolution of Britney as an artist, as I truly believed she would be be an icon like Madonna and Michael Jackson, evolving with the changing times. That was just a few years into her career, so I have to say, I was right! 

Of course I can discuss her ground-breaking career, music, dancing, one-of-a-kind performing in all it's magic, and how she impacted millions. But I just want to say a few words about how she played a such a huge part in my personal life journey.

If you know me, as a good friend, acquaintance, classmate, colleague, listened/watched me on radio or TV, or even crossed paths with me briefly.. you probably know that Britney, her music, her life force and story has influenced me tremendously. When I first heard those chords, that voice, and the passion of '...Baby One More Time', the first single off her #1 debut album 'BOMT', a fire was lit within me. When I saw Britney, this artist, dancer, singer, PERFORMER.. I felt this incredible energy, motivation, and PASSION to pursue MY dream.. to not follow the crowd, to take major risks, and to make a difference in the world. Confidence and courage came through, and Brit's music and dancing was my soundtrack. I was deeply inspired by Britney's energy, humble personality, humor, loving nature, killer songs, and, most of all, the incredible power she emitted when she performed and danced. It was around that time (2000 VMAS was a particular life changing moment) that I decided I too had to perform, to make others happy, to somehow be a part of bringing positive energy into the world. I couldn't sing, but DID love to talk, public speak, and to discuss and analyze things, like pop music and culture. So then and there, I decided I wanted be a talk show host like Oprah, and hopefully inspire people and bring them together, through using my own unique voice. I felt that pop culture connected us all- and I wanted to talk about it. And so, my journey began. Throughout the years the focus has changed and evolved, as I've gotten older and learned new things about myself and the world. I think Britney's life, too, has taken different roads as well. Throughout it all, there's always a "Piece Of Me" (ha) that remains the same, despite life's changes.

Back to Brit: As I followed Britney throughout her career and life, it was clear to see the absolute highs of being 'top of the pops' took a turn in a different direction. I think (just an intuitive guess, only Britney knows her truth and lways has a right to her privacy) that the pressure of being SO famous, so watched, so 'Overprotected' took its toll on her. How could it not? I feel she loved what she did SO DEEPLY and purely, but the unique height of her stardom (very few reach her heights) may have become like a cage, and perhaps she began to feel trapped and longed for freedom to LIVE and experience life, which we all have a right to do as human beings. Britney went through some tough times, and through it all, I always supported her, knowing she would rise again and become an even deeper and stronger person. After 20 years of contribution to the world of music, what I want for Britney now is love, happiness, peace, joy and family, all things she deserves. If she wants to keep performing and making music, LOVELY! I will always support it. But to me, after what Britney has given for over twenty years (hey, she started as a child, so it's actually longer), she deserves to live a real life. If she finds a way to do both, beautiful. If not, it's ALL LOVE.

Below is the music video that started it all, and a video of me discussing Brit's impact (wearing my 'almost' vintage Britney t-shirt from the BOMT era).

Who are some people that have inspired you in your life? I'd love to hear who and why. You can hit me up on Instagram or Twitter.

Love Always,


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