Maxwell and The Interns™️ Do The #HEADPHONECHALLENGE

If you need a good chuckle, we got you covered. In the spirit of some good competition, Maxwell and his interns have come up with a series of challenges that will carry out all throughout this spring. The first challenge in this EPIC pop music SAGA!? the #HEADPHONECHALLENGE. In teams of boys versus girls, we took turns interpretive dancing to the biggest radio smashes right now, but through headphones so no one could hear but the dancer. The other member on the team had to guess the song. Winners get ownership of the ever so valuable Z100 Championship belt, losers take a shot of hot sauce because why not and "do it for the video" hahaha. This week we jammed out to hits by Ariana Grande, Bebe Rexha, Jon Bellion, and Clean Bandit! So who will win, the boys or the girls? Watch to find out and laugh at us being total goofs. 😎😂😭🎶


  1. Maxwell and Brian vs. Leah and Sami
  2. One team member dances to a song with headphones on, the other member has to guess what the song is.
  3. 1 point per song guessed correctly
  4. Winners get ownership of the Z100 Championship belt, Losers take a shot of hot sauce.

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