Sami J's Soul Cycle Playlist Week 4

It's Monday and you're reading this, so you're obviously winning. I've been kicking this Monday into high gear with these songs that are sure to make your sprints a little more fun and your corners a little sexier!

5. DJ Kahled/Beyonce/Jay- Z- Shinging

Why I love it: I feel like anytime Beyonce sings it's just motivation to do better. Mix that with Kahled's beats and a verse or two by Jay and we not only have a club banger, but a good song to sync up with the pac with 'cause we da best. 


4. Chance The Rapper- All Night

Why I love it: I mean I just love Chance, but if I have to give you another reason it's because this is just such a feel good song. And when Chance tells you to start dancing, you feel the need to start dancing.


3. Zayn/Taylor Swift- I Don't Want To Live Forever

Why I love it: The song has multiple uses in Soul Cycle and I think that's super important when choosing a song to work out to. I see this as either a cool down song, used in isolations, or even to climb to. The passion in those lyrics could probably make me climb for hours 


2. Julia Michaels- Issues

Why I love it: Honestly it's just super relatable. Soul Cycle is about finding what's inside you and using it to motivate you through the work out. This song just makes me feel and that's enough motivation right there. I think it's great for climbing as well!


1. Jax Jones- You Don't Know Me

Why I love it: My buddy Chase introduced me to this song. I think it has that beat we all look for in a Soul Cycle song, but it's also pretty sassy. I love some good attitude in my work out music!



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