Sami J's Soul Cycle Playlist Week 5

There is so much cool music out and just so little time for classes this week, but Sami J's Soul Cycle playlist lives on! Here are my picks this week!

5. Little Mix- Touch

Why I love it: Little Mix are literally squad goals and this song just makes me want to go for a ride with my girls and party. It has a really good beat, as well to keep the whole pack riding together!


4. Kygo/Selena Gomez- It Ain't Me

Why I love it: Definitely your drunk weekend anthem, but take it to Soul Cycle and you'll hit those tap backs like you're the one that left Justin Bieber. 'Cause that's totally what the songs about right?


3. The Chainsmokers/Coldplay- Something Just Like This

Why I love it: Because it sounds just like "Roses" by The Chainsmokers and that was always a classic SC song for me. Plus, I'm always going to be emotionally moved by Coldplay and I think that brings out the Soul in Soul Cycle. 


2. Noah Cyrus/Labrinth (Marshmello Remix)- Make Me Cry

Why I love it: I absolutely love the original of this song, but when I heard this version I immediately thought SOUL CYCLE! It has all the makings of your typical tap back and sprinting tune. Total club banger too. 


1. Ookay- Theif

Why I love it: There's a saxophone bass drop and it gives me life. 



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