Apparently Ivanka Trump Doesn't Know What Complicit Means

In a recent interview, Ivanka Trump was confronted on why she stands by and is complicit, get your vocab sheet out Ivanka, with her father as he pulls back legislation to protect LGBTQ+ people or any of the other questionable things he has done since taking office. Homegirl looked pretty caught off guard. She pauses, and then gives the most whack answer ever to the question. Do you not know what complicit means? What about that degree you bought...I mean earned? It's becoming pretty clear she's just a fake ally filled with tons of nice words, and no actions. To quote mean girls, apparently fitting for miss Trump, "there are two kinds of evil people in this world. Those who do evil things and those who see evil things and don't try to stop it." Check out the interview clip below and what the ladies on The View had to say about this all HERE.



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