Sami J's Soul Cycle Blog Week 10!

Ya girl started her week off right yesterday and that was with some Soul Cycle! Unfortunately, I still managed to come down with a cold, but that wasn't before I sweat it out to my favorite tunes. Here's some of my faves from class and what I need to hear later on this week! 

5. AJR- Weak

Why I love it: Good vibes and sick bass drop! I'm actually weak listening to the song it's so good. Perfect for warming up and getting into the Soul spirit.

4. Martin Garrix- BYTE

Why I Love It: High tempo with all the makings of your favorite club banger. I'll def race you in sprints to this song! 

3. Cheat Codes/Demi Lovato- No Promises

Why I Love It: Well if this wasn't the most relatable song ever. This is totally good for climbing the highest of inclines and digging deep. The line "promise me no promises" I feel like would really strike a chord with me to push harder so I'm with it! 

2. Little Mix/Machine Gun Kelly- No More Sad Songs

Why I Love It: Another motivational and totally relatable piece. Whatever you're going through, you eventually come out of it and don't need the sadness anymore and this is that song. I see it perfect for after arms and just getting you back into beast mode and for remembering that you are the bad ass you think you are. 

1. Halsey- Now or Never

Why I Love It: I'm living for this song ever since its release last week. Between the beat drop and Halsey's incredible lyricism...just...ugh. I have no words I love it and I'm riding to it and giving those tap backs my all! 

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